Negative Phrases

          While reading book summaries, I have noticed that there are certain phrases that are used that can discourage me from reading a book or series. I cannot remember the number of times that I have started to read about a seemingly amazing book only to have certain phrases ruin it for me.

This is how theses phrases make me feel.

          As a result, I have made a list of "negative phrases" that put me off of reading a book or series. That being said, I have had several occasions where I read books with some of these themes and find the book to be well worth it.


Negative Phrases that I Commonly Encounter

  •      Teens
  •      High school
  •      Boarding school
  •      Drugs
  •      Revenge
  •      Abuse
  •      Mysterious guy
  •      Bullied
  •      Foster home
  •      Vampire
  •      Angels
  •      Appears on doorstep
  •      Stranger
  •      Forbidden love
  •      Follow her heart
  •      No memory
  •      Love triangle
  •      Faeries